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AUDIO AMP CO Deluxe Reverb


The BF Deluxe Reverb in its classic form is for many guitar players the »desert island« amp and one of the best circuit designs ever, offering two slightly different channels, one with reverb and tremolo.

Many things regarding the circuit and the layout can be improved; a lot of different »tone« voicing can be done to offer the player a more flexible amp, with more possibilities of tone shaping. For those you are fine with just two channels, which are switchable via an A/B-Box, if requested, offering even more flexibility.


  • Circuit: Classic BF style circuit, improved & optimised
  • Rectifier: GZ 34/5AR4
  • Power Amp: 2×6V6GT, Class A/B push/pull, 22W RMS
  • Bias Circuit: adjustable negative grid bias
  • Driver/PI stage: 12AT7/ECC81
  • Vibrato stage: 12AX7/ECC83
  • Reverb mix: 12AX7/ECC83
  • Reverb driver: 12AT7/ECC81
  • Input stage VCh 7025/E83CC
  • Controls: Intensity, Speed, Bass, Treble, Volume, Bass, Treble, Volume
  • Inputs: Vibrato Hi and Lo (-6dB), Normal Hi and Lo (-6dB)
  • Output: two parallel speaker outputs
  • Output Z: 4 or 8Ω, switchable
  • Features: Bias test jacks, 4mm banana type, MERCURY MAGNETICS® »Tone Clone« transformers


  • 12″ speakers
  • Available as Top or 1×12″ Combo (lightweight solid spruce)
  • Push/pull bright switch for both channel
  • Adjustable negative grid bias or cathode bias switch
  • Hot rodded Normal channel
  • EQ voicing (BF, Dumble, Tweed or British)
  • Reverb & Tremolo on both channels, phase correction
  • Tremolo speed lower
  • No tremolo built in
  • Colour of pilot lamp lens (red, amber, blue, green or purple)
  • Colour/shape of control knobs
  • Strap handle style and type