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If you got an old amp in bad electronic condition I can help you to recreate all its glory sound wise and optically as far as possible.

  • I do the often so called »silverface to blackface« conversion with the best parts currently available.
  • I do biasing of all amps together with you and your guitar to achieve the maximum result.
  • I can help you to select the right tubes for your particular amp and the kind of music you play.
  • If your amp or cabinet needs a recover or regrill please give me a call.
  • If you like to change the response of your amp I advice you to get the best out of it without drilling holes or adding additional tubes.
  • Do you like it brighter, mellower, rounder etc., please ask for my customer service.
  • In the case of needing a new speaker I help you to get the best for your rig.
  • I'm sure that your amp needs a cap job, I got all the parts for that purpose in stock.
    If you never heard an oldtired amp with new caps give me a call and listen to a few recently recapped ones.
  • Are your pots scratchy? Maybe your coupling caps leak DC, get 'em changed as soon as possible, this causes a weak and false bias in your preamp and sounds horrible.
  • Corroded tube sockets or input jacks, get 'em replaced with better ones that FENDER® never used in their amps.
  • The change to a different rectifier tube will make your amp sound and respond different, give it a try.
  • To much reverb for you in your two channel FENDER® amp, I know solutions for that problem.
  • Maybe you like the blackface look more than the silverface look get the front panel changed, I do it for you.
  • Different cabinet with different look than your standard housing, my custom shop will do anything!